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The JOURNAL OF TEXTILES AND POLYMERS provides a scientific forum to exchange ideas and research findings in the inter-disciplinary field of polymers, fibers, and textile structures.

Some suggested (but not limited) areas are:
•    Fiber Science, Chemistry and Physics.
•    Fiber-Forming Polymer Reaction and Synthesis.
•    Fiber-Forming Polymer Blends.
•    Textile Processing and Innovative Technologies.
•    Melt, Wet and Dry Spinning.
•    Nonwovens Science and Engineering.
•    Nanofibers Production and Properties (including Electrospinning).
•    Colorants and Physicochemical Aspects of Dyeing.
•    Fiber-Forming Polymer Analysis and Characterization.
•    Technical Textiles, Medical Textiles and Geo-Textiles.
•    Textile Reinforcements and Composites.
•    Fibrous Filters and Membranes.
•    Biomaterials.
•    Smart and Intelligent Textiles.
•    Pollution and Waste Management.
•    Functional Polymers.
•    Textiles and Apparel Science and Technology.