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Document Type : Review Article


Department of Textile Engineering, Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, P.O. Box 1477893855, Tehran, Iran.


In the recent years, by developing the methods
of nanofibers formation, electro-centrifugal spinning has
been introduced as a new method of nanofibers fabrication.
This nanofabrication technique is a combination of known
technique called electrospinning and a new coming method
called centrifugal spinning. This paper is a comparative study
among conventional electrospinning, centrifugal spinning
and the basis of electro-centrifugal spinning methods. For
instance, although, the distance of nozzle to collector is a
critical operating parameter to determining nanofibers
diameter in electrospinning method, it only shows an effect
on the morphology and has no significant effect on the fiber
diameter in centrifugal spinning. Surface tension and viscosity
of the solutions are the spinning-ability determinatives in these
three methods which are affected by the type of polymers and
solvents and also the concentration of the solution, and need
to be overcome through electrical or centrifugal forces or
both. The effective parameters on the process and the fiber
morphology are investigated for each of the three methods