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Textile Engineering Department, Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran, Iran


In this study the relation of physical properties of fabric and the comfort feeling of athlete during physical
activity is considered. To this end, four single-jersey weft knitted fabrics with various fibers blends were
used to prepare sport T-shirts and then athletic comfort during wearing T-shirt and exercising in duration
of 60 minutes was investigated, both subjectively and objectively. Furthermore, physical properties of
applied fabrics including air permeability, water vapor permeability and thermal insulation properties
were measured. Then, the relation of fabric characteristics and athletics comfort during activity was
probed. Outcomes confirm that the increase in the body activity leads to the increment of the body
temperature and sweating rate. Since cotton fiber absorbs and retains moisture, it keeps the skin wet
during high activity level due to the high rate of sweating. On the other hand, polyester fibers owing
to the high wicking ability and quick transfer of the moisture vapor to the environment, have better
performance. Polyester fabrics with lower stitch density and loose structure have effective performance
in terms of both dissipating extra body heat and moisture vapor to the surrounding and providing athletics
comfort. The selection of proper sport wear is necessary since the level of physical activity affects the
body heat and sweating rate.