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Reinforcement of civil structures that do not have sufficient resistance to the applied loads is of particular
importance. There are several ways to reinforce concrete structures so far. One of these methods is to use
winding technique on a concrete structure with a fabric. In this study, first, rib knitted structures with and
without weft inserted yarn were fabricated with two types of ordinary and high tenacity polyester yarn
(with a low and high modulus). Then concrete columns were made and winded using produced fabrics
with and without tension. The compression test was carried out on the winded columns. The results show
that with increasing tensile modulus of the fabric (such as weft inserted rib fabric with high tenacity
polyester yarn) the compressive strength of the concrete columns increases. Accordingly, while the
sample had only 7.52% weight increase and 8.75% increase in diameter compared to the control sample,
the bearing capacity of the column showed an increase of 88.55% compared to the control sample. Also,
the compressive strength of concrete column is increased by increasing the number of layers winded
around the concrete column.