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The main topic investigated in this paper is the
analysis of the effect of different spandex percentages on
physical and mechanical properties of the denim fabric. The
results showed that percentage of elastane has a significant
effect on the physical and mechanical properties of cotton/
elastane woven denim fabric. The influence of various
elastane percentages via the above denim fabric performance
parameters is investigated by employing a one-way analysis
of variance (ANOVA) statistical software package. Tensile
strength of denim fabric decreases as the percentage of the
elastane increases because of the lower tenacity of spandex
fibers compared to cotton fibers. Fabric breaking elongation
increases as spandex percentage increases. The tear strength
of denim fabric decreases as elastane percentage increases. As
spandex percentage increased, the fabric contraction of the
woven fabric increased, which made the fabric more compact
and bulk, resulting in higher fabric thickness, fabric weight,
and deep shade color. In addition, fabric stretchability and
fabric elastic recovery increase with spandex percentage since
elastane has higher stretch and makes the structure more
compact, but fabric growth decreases as spandex percentage
increases, due to the rather high recovery properties of
spandex. The obtained results showed that Lycra proportion
inside fabric has an effect on the fabric tensile strength,
breaking extension, tear strength, stretchability, fabric
thickness, GSM, and fabric shade color.