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This paper examines the impact of interior design
and brand image on repurchasing and customer loyalty for
sportswear products. In doing so, stratified sampling of target
markets is considered for data gathering. In this respect,
we apply C-means clustering technique regarding crucial
attributes affecting customers’ market of sportswear. The data
are collected using a self-administered questionnaire from
respondents belonging to the resultant clustered market. We
make the most of factor loads and t-test analysis to investigate
the proposed conceptual model. Moreover, this study is
performed by using SPSS to verify the reliability, and validity
of the measured variables. Hypothesis tests are done utilizing
structural equation model (SEM) as a statistical method. The
results of this paper indicate the significant relations among
interior design, brand image and customer loyalty. Finally, oneway
and two-way analyses of variance (ANOVA) are conducted
in order to clarify dependency of findings to demographical