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Maintaining and improving the garment quality
are the important topics in the textile and apparel industry.
The aim of this paper is to investigate the influence of some
textile tapes on elastic properties as well as dynamic recovery
of the seams and enhance the shape stability. Three samples
were prepared, namely weft knitted sewn fabrics without any
stabilizing tape, and weft knitted sewn fabrics stabilized with
bias woven fabric, and with stretch ribbons. The results show
that hysteresis area of the seam tensile curves decreased by
increasing the loading cycles, and dynamic work recovery
stabilized after the third cycle. The tensile stress of all sewn
samples in the course direction is significantly less than the
stress value in the wale direction. It is found that the seams
stabilized with stretch ribbons have the highest dynamic
work recovery (~40-70%). Also, when the seam position and
the loading direction aligned, the dynamic work recovery of
the stabilized samples increased. The recovery behavior of
the stabilized sewn fabrics was also simulated by mechanical
models consisting of spring and dashpot elements. The threeelement
model, consisting of the Maxwell body paralleled
with a non-linear spring, properly estimated the force–strain
curves of the stabilized sewn fabrics under cyclic loading.