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In this research, 3D scan based on depth camera
is used to measure, and analyze the breast shape changes
in various body positions. 3D breast shapes of women are
extracted from data obtained from a depth camera. A
measurement method is developed based on cross section
lines to get the 2D breast pattern. 3D breast shape and 2D
breast patterns in five body positions are determined and
compared to each other. To calculate the difference, 3D
breast form and volume, also area and form of 2D breast
pattern are measured. The results show that the breast
form and volume in various body positions is not the same.
Women have the highest volume and area of breast in the
position ‘posture of 45 elbow-bend and arms to the back’
subsequent the position ‘posture of 45 elbow-bend and
arms to the front’, ‘lower arm beside the body ‘ and ‘raise
arm overhead and holding on the brow’, respectively. Also
in the position ‘holding arm overhead’ the lowest volume
of breast for women is observed. The difference of breast
volume in the largest and smallest shape is about 23%. The
combination of measuring breast volume and form at the
same time can provide effective information for bra cup