Volume & Issue: Volume 1, Issue 2, Winter and Spring 2013 

Original Article

1. Characterization of fabric tensile loading curve in nonlinear region related to their structure; Part1: woven fabric

Pages 53-59

Kianoush hosseini; Abdolhosseni Sadeghi; Ali Asghar Asgharian Jeddi

2. Degumming of silk yarn using alkali, enzyme and seidlitzia rosmarinus

Pages 60-64

Farideh Talebpour; Seyyed Mohammad Veysian; Mohammad ebrahim Heidari Golfazani

4. Recent advances in electrospinning of some selected biopolymers (pages 70 to 78)

Pages 70-78

Masoumeh Valizadeh; Seyyed Abdolkarim Hosseini Ravandi; Seerma Ramakrishna

7. Prediction of random-velour needle punching force using artificial neural network

Pages 91-97

Hasan Mashrouteh; Mohammad Zarrebini; Dariush Semnani